Respect Life

The St. Mark Respect Life Ministry works to foster a respect for human life in our American culture.

America has strayed from her founding.   She once proclaimed that God bestowed inalienable rights upon us all as equals. Now, her agencies fund the killing of the innocent. Her government condones suicide as a legitimate choice for the sick and vulnerable. Her schools counsel anxious mothers that killing and contraception are legitimate responses to conceiving a child.

As Catholics, we have a unique responsibility to bring America back to her founding concepts on human dignity. The Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Holy Eucharist all dramatically display to us the inestimable worth of the human being. Centuries of Catholic social thought guide us on our duty to protect the vulnerable. The Rosary is a powerful weapon for the Good.

We must use the gifts we have been given by God through the Church to pray for and inform our neighbors—including mothers, fathers, students, clinic workers, journalists, politicians, doctors, nurses and voters. We must use the strength the Holy Eucharist gives us to render assistance to those neighbors.

The Respect Life Committee asks its parishioners to pray, inform and act on behalf of the pro-life cause within our American culture. Will you join us?