Ministry in the Mass

The Church teaches us that simply being at Mass is the crux of participation that is “fully conscious, and active” (Sacrosanctum Concilium, 14). The offering of the Mass is, in fact, the point of the Mass!

At the same time, there are helpful roles that can be taken on in addition to prayerfully celebrating the Mass – some of which can make a great difference in the quality and ease of our prayer and worship. As we take special care to ensure that our liturgies are reverent and beautiful, so we take pains to carefully prepare and train those who take on these responsibilities.

If you are interested in assisting at Mass in a particular ministry, check out the various links below to learn more about the ministerial needs and opportunities at Saint Mark parish!

For more information about liturgical ministries, please contact the parish office

  • Altar linens – purifying, cleaning, and preparing altar linens for Masses and liturgies
  • Altar servers – assisting at Masses and liturgies
  • Art & decoration – prepare the church for the liturgical celebrations through decorations and flowers
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs) – specially commissioned ministers who bring communion to the homebound and, if needed, assist in distributing communion at Mass
  • Lectors – reading the Scriptures at Masses and liturgical celebrations
  • Music & choir – leading the community in prayer through liturgical music & singing of the prayers of the Mass and hymns
  • Sacristans – setting up the sacristies and sanctuary for the ministers of the Mass, especially the priest
  • Ushers – preparing the church for the community, assisting those who come to services, and helping to clean & secure the church afterwards

God of glory,
your beloved Son has shown us
that true worship comes from humble and contrite hearts.
Bless our brothers and sisters,
who have responded to the needs of our parish
and wish to commit themselves to your service as
altar servers, sacristans, musicians, and ushers.
Grant that their ministry may be fruitful
and our worship pleasing in your sight.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

– Prayer of blessing, from the ‘Blessing of altar servers, sacristans, musicians, and ushers’