Partners in the Gospel - latest updates & resources
Partners in the Gospel - latest updates & resources
Coming soon: ParishStaq!
Coming soon: ParishStaq!

Saint Mark parish, church interior

Welcome to Saint Mark parish website! We’re glad you’ve come by. Be sure to read the latest news & updates from Saint Mark parish & Father Maurer and catch up on the most recent bulletins. If you’d like to explore the faith with us, check out our adult faith formation programs or visit our sacramental preparation programs using the menu above. Be sure to check the parish calendar for the schedule of Masses (and other events going on every week). We look forward to seeing you in church and at Mass!


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Ordinary Sunday collections total (actual donations as of February 14, 2024)

$433,711 donated of $831,411 goal (52.16%)
$495,845 pledged of $831,411 goal (59.64%)
29.64% parish participation (225 of 776 families)

To make a donation today, click here or on the stewardship image to easily and securely give online to support our parish. Thank you for your generosity!

If you would like to make your pledge without giving at this time, you may submit that online at our online pledge page (click here).

2023-2024 stewardship campaign response
(as of January 7, 2024)
Pledged: $495,845 of $831,411
Actual donations: $397,263 of $831,411
Response: 225 of 759 families