Consultative leadership

In accordance to the Archdiocesan policy Many Gifts, One Spirit: Consultative Leadership, Saint Mark parish has three primary bodies of consultative leadership: the pastoral council, the finance council, and the school commission.

Pastoral council
The pastoral council currently consists of six members: Dirk Bartram, Mary Ann Draye, Sean Malone, Gina Olsen, Patsy Riley, and Paul Sundberg. The council meets monthly, discussing current issues, future plans, and otherwise assist the pastor in discerning God’s call for the parish.

Click here for the most recent minutes of the pastoral council

Finance council
The finance council currently consists of two members: Ted Brown and Brandon Villanti, along with Todd Chapman (the Pastoral Assistant for Administration) as an ex officio member. The council meets quarterly, reviewing the monthly budget reports, discussing major financial decisions, and otherwise offering advice to the pastor in the administration of the parish’s temporal goods.

– Minutes will be published after the next meeting of the finance council (December 2021)

School commission
The school commission currently consists of eight members: Deanna Gallichan, Francie House, Rob Koves, Kevin Nguyen, Ellen Olson, Victoria Rimoczi-Olson, and Brandan Villanti (ex officio, liason with Finance council). The council meets monthly, discussing current school needs, assisting in evaluating the effectiveness of the school, helping to plan for the future of the school, and otherwise collaborating with the pastor and principal in fulfilling the mission of the school.

Click here for the most recent minutes of the school commission