Consultative leadership

In accordance to the Archdiocesan policy Many Gifts, One Spirit: Consultative Leadership, Saint Mark parish has three primary bodies of consultative leadership: the pastoral council, the finance council, and the school commission. Additionally, we have the liturgy commission, which meets throughout the year to organize liturgical ministry & celebrations.

Pastoral council
The pastoral council currently consists of five members:
– Paul Sundberg (2021-2024, first term) – Vice-president (2022-2023)
– Gina Olsen (2022-2025, 2nd term) – Secretary (2022-2023)
– Dirk Bartram (2021-2024, first term) – Finance council liaison (2022-2023)
– Mary Ann Draye (2021-2023, first term)
– Patsy Riley (2022-2025, 2nd term)

The council meets monthly (usually the 3rd Thursday), discussing current issues, future plans, and otherwise assist the pastor in discerning God’s call for the parish. Though staggered, member terms are typically for 3 years, repeatable once. Officer terms are typically for one year, repeatable as the council and pastor determine.

We are grateful to all those who have served on the council in the past, as well as those council members who have taken on additional responsibilities within the pastoral council.

Pastoral council archives
2023 pastoral council minutes
2022 pastoral council minutes
2021 pastoral council minutes

Former council membersFormer council officers
Abner Manahan
Sean Malone
Dr. Kent Sullivan
Dirk Bartram – Vice-president (2021-2022)
Sean Malone – Council president (2021-2023)
Patsy Riley – Secretary (2021-2022)
Abner Manahan – School commission liaison (2022-2023)

Finance council
– Kim Brown (2022-2025, first term) – Secretary (2022-2023)
– Brandon Villanti (tenured member)
– Marcia Yanuss (2022-2025, first term) – President (2022-2023)
– Todd Chapman – ex officio (staff – Pastoral Assistant for Administration)

The council meets quarterly, reviewing the monthly budget reports, discussing major financial decisions, and otherwise offering advice to the pastor in the administration of the parish’s temporal goods. Though staggered, member terms are typically for 3 years, repeatable once.

Former council membersFormer council officers
Ted Brown
Mary Ann Draye

Finance council archives
2022 finance council minutes

School commission
The school commission currently consists of eight members:
– Ellen Olson Bolin
– Deanna Gallichan
– Robert Koves
– Victoria Rimoczi-Olson
– Francie Zembal

The council meets monthly (usually 4th Thursdays), discussing current school needs, assisting in evaluating the effectiveness of the school, helping to plan for the future of the school, and otherwise collaborating with the pastor and principal in fulfilling the mission of the school.

Click here for the most recent minutes of the school commission

Former commission membersFormer commission officers
Kevin Nguyen
Brandon Villanti (ex officio, Finance council liaison

Liturgy commission
The liturgy commission currently consists of four members:
– Russ Foisy (head sacristan)
– Father Maurer
– Suzanne Reed (altar server coordinator)
– Greg Teeter (music director)

The commission meetings irregularly – usually in anticipation of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter – to plan for holy seasons, special liturgical events, and otherwise coordinate liturgical celebrations.