Parish policies

Our policy on policies
Too often folks hear the word ‘policy’ and interpret what follows to be an obstacle they will have to overcome. And in many cases, that’s how policies are written! Not so in the life of the Church. The final line of the the Code of Canon Law reminds us that it to be implemented “keeping in mind the salvation of souls, which in the Church must always be the supreme law.” (CIC 1752)

Far from dismissing the law as unimportant, this reminder serves as a lesson that the law is formed for our good. Much like lane markers on a road, the laws of our faith help ensure that we reach our destination: union with the Lord.

The policies at Saint Mark parish are written with this goal in mind. To that end, our policies include references to archdiocesan policy (local law established by the archbishop), the Code of Canon Law, liturgical law, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and relevant Church documents – these to help assist in understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ of what we do here.

Our policies aren’t meant to be all-inclusive, but instead to address commonly asked questions and provide a solid foundation for understanding how to take part in the various aspects of life & ministry at parish. Our staff and pastor have carefully considered each document and provide them below in the hope that they will be helpful in the life of the community.

Sacraments & liturgical celebrations
First Holy Communion & First Reconciliation (coming soon)
Confirmation (coming soon)
Marriage & weddings (coming soon)
Funerals & graveside services (coming soon)
Mass intentions

Parish life & events
Facilities use & rental (coming soon)
Parish calendar & scheduling (coming soon)