Social Events committee – call for volunteers

Saint Mark Social Events committee needs your talents!
Want to get to know those sitting in the pew with you? Want to have some fun? Saint Mark parish plans to regularly hold social events where we can make new acquaintances, strengthen existing ones, and enjoy each other’s company within a Catholic setting. These events will be planned by a Social Events committee, which you are invited to join (more on this below).

Art by Mikhail Boskin (public domain)

The number and type of events to be held are up to the Social Events committee.  Examples might include:

Wine and Wisdom –   An evening of social time together with a speaker or video on a topic of interest.  Guests share wine and other beverages, and snacks. 

Date Night for Couples – Social time with food and beverages, together with a presentation relevant to marriage/ family life.  Childcare could be provided to make it easier for parents to attend. 

Senior Breakfast/Lunch or Senior Health Class – Social time with food and beverages, together with spiritual topics and topics on Catholic approaches to health and aging.

These are just examples – the actual number, type and location of events will be decided by the Social Events committee.

Want to help?  We need 5-7 volunteers to serve on the team. The Social Events committee will plan & schedule social events, then ask fellow parishioners to take on leadership roles in making these events happen – members could also volunteer to help carry out the events.  To join the team or learn more, sign up on the Saint Mark website.

Social events committee inquiry form

Thank you for your interest! We have closed the online submission form. If you’re interested in our social events committee, please contact the parish office ((206) 364-7900).