Schedule a meeting with Father Maurer

In addition to calling the parish office, you can schedule an appointment via the form below (beneath the guidelines below) or by visiting our online booking portal (click this sentence).

Generally, I take appointments on Monday mornings, Thursday afternoons, or Fridays throughout the day. I am generally unavailable on evenings. Meetings are available in 15, 30, and 60 minute increments and can be scheduled no more than 3 weeks in advance.

If your meeting or availability doesn’t fit into these times, please call me at (206) 364-7900, ext. 101. We’ll figure out an alternate time and go from there.

Specific types of appointments
House or business blessings and communion or sick calls: For off-campus visits within our parish boundaries, please schedule 60 minutes. I will leave the parish office at the start of our meeting time, arrive within 20 minutes, provide the blessing and/or sacraments, and then return to my office before the end of our meeting time. For locations outside of our parish boundaries, please call me to make arrangements.

Confessions: If you have been to confession in the last year, 15 minutes is usually sufficient. For confessions after a very long time, 30 minutes is advised.

Family dinners: In general, I try to reserve Friday evenings for dinners with parishioners. These can not be scheduled online – please call me so we can make arrangements. Given the limited number of free evenings and the number of parish households, I strongly encourage families to come together for dinner visits.