Matthew, the King and his Kingdom Bible Study

St. Mark Bible Study
>> Begun January 2, 2014 and ended June 12, 2014 <<
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Matthew CrownThe time of Christ is a period of history unlike any other that humanity has experienced.  For thirty-three years the Creator of the Universe lived among men. He was born, suffered, and died, all for the sake of our salvation. He established a New Law of mercy and love, founded a visible Church, and instituted the sacraments to confer upon us the grace of salvation. And all of these extraordinary events have been recorded for us in the Gospels.

Matthew: The King and His Kingdom is a Catholic Bible study that presents the Gospel account in a way that brings the history of Christ to life. Witness for yourself how Jesus fulfills the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament. Experience how Christ demonstrates His authority and Divinity through his miraculous ministry. And recognize the power and importance of The Church, the Mass, and the Sacraments established by Christ.

For more information, contact the class leader:  Claude Golden ( [email protected] ), 425-269-4682.

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