Congratulations on your decision to marry in the Catholic Church! The Church takes great care and concern in the preparation of each couple who is preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage.

By establishing a period of at least six months for the preparation of Marriage, as well as providing programs, interviews and guidance, the Church seeks to help couples as they begin this lifelong journey.

Weddings are scheduled on Friday evenings at 7:00pm (excluding the First Friday of the month) and on Saturdays no later than 1:00pm. They are not scheduled on Saturday evenings, Sundays, Holy Days and Solemnities, or during the Sacred Triduum. Please check with the church BEFORE committing to a date and making any other reservations.

The focus of marriage preparation is not centered primarily on planning the wedding. Its focus is on preparing to live out a lifelong union of love in the Lord. This is not intended to diminish the couple’s wedding ceremony, but to put it into proper perspective – namely, the significant sacramental event that initiates married life.

A Note from St. Mark Parish…

We want you to know that we share your joy as you begin making plans for your wedding. What you are preparing for is of greatest importance to both of you as well as to your families and friends.

In choosing to come to the Catholic Church for the celebration of your wedding, you have made a choice to begin and live your marriage in a Christian manner: to see your wedding as more than just a wonderful social event but as something which gets its deepest meaning from our Christian faith. Because of this, you won’t be surprised that the Church has some very definite expectations about how your wedding liturgy will be celebrated. These expectations are not arbitrary impositions intended to add to the already considerable challenges of planning for a wedding. They are, rather, the Church’s way of doing things; our way of helping you to set the tone for the celebration of a holy event that is of the greatest importance in your lives.

Our parish staff stands ready to help you celebrate your wedding. We are eager to do everything possible to see to it that your wedding will be a beautiful and faith-filled celebration – a powerful and persuasive sign of Jesus’ love for His people.

As you read our policies and procedures, we hope you will keep these things in mind. We look forward with you to the day of your wedding with prayer and great anticipation. God bless you!

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