Bible Study Groups

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Our Tuesday morning Bible study will resume on Tuesday, September 18, 2019 at 8:45 am in the Parish Office Fireside Room. Each class will last about 2 hours. This year we will be studying the book of Isaiah. Please contact Gretchen Miller at [email protected] or at (206) 605-5648 for more information.

Thursday Evening Bible Study

The Old Testament Covenants and the Prophets Proclaim the Coming Messiah

Bible study returns to St Mark on Thursday, January 3, 2019, when we will explore the six covenants of the Old Testament (‘testament’ is another word for ‘covenant’). A covenant is a solemn oath establishing a family bond. The common covenants in our society are marriage and adoption, however God has implemented His plan of salvation by making a series of covenants with humanity that, step-by-step, expand and restore His family into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those six covenants are: 1) Adam and Eve – husband and wife; 2) Noah – parent and child; 3) Abraham – the tribe of the faithful; 4) Moses – a holy nation (which was first accepted but then rejected by the Hebrew people); 5) Moses – a nation built upon a revealed religion of the Law (Torah) and the Temple priesthood; and 6) David – the empire of the promised land and the everlasting king. Then, the prophets foretold the coming Messiah who would offer an eternal covenant with all humanity as the New Israel, fulfilled by Jesus Christ through His Church.

We will read selected passages from Genesis, Exodus, 2 Samuel and many of the Prophets. There will be video sessions each week from Dr. Scott Hahn or Stephen Ray. We will meet each Thursday from 7 – 8:30 pm in Sullivan Hall, from January 3 to May 23, 2019. For the first class, please read the first three chapters of the book of Genesis. If you have questions, contact the class leader:
Claude Golden ~ [email protected] ~ 206-362-2105



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