COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates & Pastor Letters

Summer updates
September 9, 2020: Father Maurer’s autumn update (w/ information on indoor Sunday Masses)
August 20, 2020: Father Maurer’s August update (w/ the revised Mass & confession schedule)
June 11, 2020:  Father Maurer’s Invitation to Outdoor Mass
June 5, 2020:  Father Maurer’s Pastor Letter regarding preparations for Public Outdoor Mass

May updates
May 21, 2020:  Father Maurer’s Pastor Letter for May 21st
May 14, 2020:  Father Maurer’s Pastor Letter for the week of May 10th
May 1, 2020:  Father Maurer’s Pastor Letter for the week of May 1st

April updates
April 15, 2020:  Easter Week Letter from Father Maurer
April 9, 2020:  Holy Week Letter from Father Maurer
April 2, 2020:  Letter from Father Maurer for the week of March 29th

March updates
March 25, 2020:  Updated St. Mark Parish COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
March 19, 2020:  Two Day Confessions Schedule – full message from Father and information here:
March 18, 2020:  COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions at St. Mark Parish
March 16, 2020:  A great resource for all of us to join together in prayer – “Thy Kingdom Come” Prayer Booklet from the Archdiocese of Seattle
March 14, 2020:  Letter from Fr. Maurer re: COVID-19 Exposure at St. Mark Parish & School
March 13, 2020:  Update Letter from Fr. Maurer regarding St. Mark Parish Schedule

March 12, 2020:  Due to recent State and Archdiocesan mandates surrounding COVID-19 precautions, we are canceling and suspending all public Masses and parish hosted functions (meetings, gatherings, classes, prayer experiences, etc.) until further notice. The Parish School is also canceling classes from March 16 – April 25, 2020 (updated). Please see the PDF letter from Father Maurer below for complete details on all the changes. A PDF letter from Principal Keck is also found below detailing the School Closure. Please visit this page for any future updates. God bless.

March 12, 2020:  Letter from Fr. Maurer regarding COVID-19 Mass Cancellations
March 11, 2020:  Letter from Principal Keck regarding COVID-19 School Closures
March 11, 2020:  Video from Archbishop Etienne with COVID-19 Mandates