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  • Advent: Going as High as We Can

    We can lift our hands ‘as high as we can’ if asked to do so.  Then without thinking, we raise them just a little higher when subsequently asked to raise them just one inch more. Father Brian List, SOLT on this, the Second Sunday of Advent, cleverly asks us to go higher for God as […]

  • Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Our Holiness

    How often to we get things wrong, like the purpose of a feast day or of a Church teaching?  Our Parochial Vicar, Father Brian List, SOLT not only corrects some common misconceptions about the Immaculate Conception of Mary, but ties her freedom from sin to our quest for true holiness through her son, Jesus. Memorable moments: […]

  • Advent as a Retreat and a Time of Great Hope

    Father Mulholland spotted Christmas trees for sale next to Halloween candy at Costco and had an ‘epiphany’! …perhaps our Advent should be a refuge for our society from an ever-expanding, ever-more-commercialized and premature Christmas. For the record, ‘Christmas’ is an ‘octave’, or ’12 days’ having nothing to do with ‘Black Friday’, but rather beginning on […]

  • Fr. David Mulholland on the Solemnity of Christ, the King: ‘Can You See Jesus, the King, Next to You?’

    Last week, Fr. Brian List offered the reasoning behind this particular Sunday each year.  He said that Pope Pius XI promulgated not just an encyclical, but a fixed component to the liturgical year, so that the Solemnity of Christ the King could be an antidote to secularism.  He also explained secularism, saying it was “this […]

  • The End of the World?? Who’s Worried?

    Against a backdrop of an ominous Gospel reading telling of calamities to the sun, moon, earth, wind, Father Brian List offers a message of trust and hope.  (Also, if you like his good jokes, there’s a sweet one here – one all about worry and anxiety – that is worth listening for.) Memorable moment: “God […]

  • 100 Percent Stewardship

    This Sunday is the week our area parishes focus on stewardship of time and talent and treasure.  This is a time that is supposed to bring more life into the parish community, especially into each family.  Father Mulholland   offers an honest assessment of not only giving our best to God, but of what it takes […]

  • Blind Bartimaeus Sees – Father Mulholland

    Memorable moments: “Bartimaeus regains his sight because he recognized or saw who Jesus really was, the Son of David, even though he was blind.” “The once blind Bartimaeus becomes a disciple and as true disciples of Christ who follow their master, they follow him on the way of suffering.”

  • Human Life Sunday Father Brian List

    Memorable moment: “God created all of us at the moment of conception. that’s when we came into existence, not on the day of our birth when we first took a breath or cried, but nine months before.  That’s when we were conceived in our mothers’ womb and when God infused an immortal soul. And that […]

  • Jesus Body in the World Today

    Father Harris reminds us that even after Jesus’ ascension, Jesus remains with us bodily in a way some of us forget.

  • Father Harris’ Farewell Announcement, May 13, 2012

    St. James Parish in Vancouver, Washington is getting our pastor as their new pastor.  As you are about to hear, there are good reasons to conclude that Father Harris is a good shepherd who lays down his life for God’s sheep. What begins here in this audio as a very normal set of announcements, ends as a […]

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