• Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Our Holiness

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Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Our Holiness

How often to we get things wrong, like the purpose of a feast day or of a Church teaching?  Our Parochial Vicar, Father Brian List, SOLT not only corrects some common misconceptions about the Immaculate Conception of Mary, but ties her freedom from sin to our quest for true holiness through her son, Jesus.

Memorable moments:

“So today we are able to celebrate her conception…and that her conception was very special, unlike anyone else’s and that she was preserved free from any stain of original sin. That is what the word ‘immaculate’ means, ‘without spot’, or ‘without stain’.”

“She is able to say… ‘my soul magnifies the Lord.’ So when we look through Mary, it’s like a magnifying glass, we are able to see Jesus better, and to see our Faith.”

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