• Fr. David Mulholland on the Solemnity of Christ, the King: ‘Can You See Jesus, the King, Next to You?’

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Fr. David Mulholland on the Solemnity of Christ, the King: ‘Can You See Jesus, the King, Next to You?’

Last week, Fr. Brian List offered the reasoning behind this particular Sunday each year.  He said that Pope Pius XI promulgated not just an encyclical, but a fixed component to the liturgical year, so that the Solemnity of Christ the King could be an antidote to secularism.  He also explained secularism, saying it was “this poison or disease, this plague, that was affecting societies and cultures and families and even individuals” to where man thinks and acts “as if God did not exist”.

This week, on the actual ‘Feast of Christ the King’, Father Mulholland amplified this thinking in helping us actually see Christ, and those around us, in a new way.

Memorable moments:
“Our faith is constantly challenging us to see Christ in each other.  Married couples are to see Christ in each other and to help each other to get to heaven.  Priests are icons of Christ, bearers of the mystery for the people that he ministers to…  And through baptism and Eucharist, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, together, as a family. We are also to see and treat as Christ those among us who are hungry, thirsty, ill or who are in prison.

“Today’s Feast of Christ the King tells us not to see a hungry Christ when we see those people, or a thirsty Christ, or a sick Christ.  Instead, we are called to see Christ the King in them and to treat them as royalty.

“You know, all year long our parishes reach out and give to those in need… …So, when we visit the sick, we are caring for Christ the King; when we clothe the naked, we are dressing Christ the King; and when we give to the hungry, we are feeding, we are preparing a banquet for Christ the King.”

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