Advent: Going as High as We Can

We can lift our hands ‘as high as we can’ if asked to do so.  Then without thinking, we raise them just a little higher when subsequently asked to raise them just one inch more.

Father Brian List, SOLT on this, the Second Sunday of Advent, cleverly asks us to go higher for God as we prepare for Christmas: higher in our love, higher in our understanding of God’s call to us, higher in our preparation to let God into our lives more fully.

Memorable moments:

“But the season of Advent is one of joyful anticipation, it’s not fearful anticipation.  That we truly are looking forward to the coming of the Lord, that he truly is coming to us in the present. We celebrate his coming in history when he was born, when he first took on flesh and we also look forward as St. Paul proclaims in that second reading in his letter to the Philippians “to the day of our Lord Jesus Christ”, that we look forward to that day and we dare to hope.”

“…many times we don’t realize or recognize just how much we can love by the grace that God gives to us, that he calls us to perfection, he’s asking us, again, as St. Paul teaches, that the work that Jesus has begun in us, he wants to bring to perfection. And many times we kind of keep ourselves down, we don’t realize just how much we can love.”

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