100 Percent Stewardship

This Sunday is the week our area parishes focus on stewardship of time and talent and treasure.  This is a time that is supposed to bring more life into the parish community, especially into each family.  Father Mulholland   offers an honest assessment of not only giving our best to God, but of what it takes to trust God to replace our fears with His loving provision for all our needs.

 Memorable moments:
“Now the interesting thing is that as Jesus sat outside the temple treasury and as he watched the people put in the money, he saw the widow just put in a few coins and he noticed that she gave her very all and that others gave from their surplus.  So when you’re thinking about the time you give to God, he doesn’t want the time that you have you left over or the little bit of time that you have before you go to bed, he wants the best time of your day to be given and dedicated back to him and to his Church.”
“He wants it to be sacrificial, because, you know, if what you give to the Church is sacrificial, then life is going to come from that. And the best illustration I can give of that is the crucifix. Jesus gave his all in sacrifice for us so that we might have new life… When you sacrifice, you will be blessed over and over again out of abundance.  But it takes a little risk to do that.”

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